Rey Okukuseku, -- born Jao Ferrer in Salvador, Brasil -- was diagnosed with Hansen's disease as a boy and taken from his parents to a colony in Fortaleza. At the age of 12 he escaped, making his way to Sao Paolo, where he survived by busking on combi-buses. Jao was soon discovered by a local record producer, charmed by the pockmarked boy with the bitter sweet voice and an astonishing ability to improvise complex, atonal melodies. His first recordings, released in 78 RPM format, quickly became the talk of the Brasilian beatnik scene and beyond, where the combination of his musical talent and affliction with Hansen's generated considerable fascination. Sadly, the latter made fans weary of attending live performances, and within the space of a few years his music career was finished. Embittered, Jao returned to Fortaleza and with money saved from record sales, he built a small studio in the colony, where he produced under the pseudonym Rey Okukuseku a number of unusual recordings characterized by an eccentric yet compelling mysanthropy.